Friday, July 6, 2007

A studio visit, a love letter

I am busy in the studio preparing for my upcoming summer and fall exhibits, and I thought that it might be a good time for a virtual studio visit. I always enjoy my studio when it is littered with new paintings in various states of completion. The smell of fresh paint, walnut oil, and charcoal permeates the room.It is full of new energy and potential. It is always an exciting time to be in this space.

My studio is in the attic, and runs the length of my house. It has a window on the east side and a window on the west. It has sloped walls, and hard wood floors. The stairs are steep and painted blue. My studio walls are pale blue and yellow and were painted with "oops" paint from Lowe's. I have a painting area in the east side of my studio that has two easels, and a paint table ( a microwave cart from Target) and my supply bin. I use two light stands with sunlight bulbs to illuminate my work area.

As I work, I prop up paintings in a corridor that is made up of a low shelf on one side of the room, and the stair railing on the other, this is where my paintings wait at attention, to see if they make the cut or need reworking. On the west side of my studio, I have an office area with a file cabinet, and flat file as well as other necessary tools for business. This is where I write thank you notes, keep track of inventory and plan for my future shows.

My studio is a simple space and I use every bit of it. It is free of clutter and contains art books, art magazines, inspirational pictures and quotes. I try to keep my " regular" life out of it as much as possible so that when I enter the space I can dive into the world of my art and get to work.

And for now this studio is just what I need, it is always patiently waiting and ready for me. I don't have to drive across town to get to it. I don't have to struggle to pay the rent on the space, or worry about loud studio mates, or if my music is bothering them. I can wear old funky clothes covered in paint and be completely disheveled while working and I don't have to worry about anyone dropping in on me. There are many positives of having a home studio, and this is the nicest studio I have had since being in school.

Do I still dream of having a studio outside of my home? Oh yes! The "dream" studio, perhaps an old building, with large windows, exposed brick, and a nutty landlord that lets me pay in paintings and sweat equity. Are there any available in the town I live in? No, sadly none that are affordable. One day in the near future, I would love to be able to work outside my home, get up early, put on my work clothes, and head to the studio. I would love to have people stop by my space, look at my new work, and leave some feedback every now and then. For now, this is just a fantasy for me and it keeps hungry for something more.

I have had studios in a tiny apartment basement, an abandoned floor of a rental house ( I lived in the apartment above the abandoned part) tiny back porch rooms ( it did have the only sink, I have ever had) and now in the attic of the house I grew up in.

My current studio is the room that my two older brothers slept in while growing up, and while it was their room, I once had a field day scribbling all over the walls ( and their stuff) in orange marker as a young child. Perhaps this space has always inspired me...


  1. I'm reading - a lot to catch up on!

  2. Oh I love seeing artists' studio spaces. (I even started a flickr group called
    Art Studio because I love to virtually see where and how fellow artists work!

    Also, I posted a long comment on your "Rituals" post, but I don't think it went through... but, i pretty much said I loved your rituals and share some of them :)