Friday, August 8, 2008

All We Ever Wanted...

Dear Friends,

I am taking a break from my blog. A blog-cation if you will.

Why, you ask?

Because even though I love it, I am momentarily burnt to a crisp. There, I'll admit it.

Coming up with quality content each week is pretty intense. I also find that I am becoming almost addicted to your love, your attention, your needs, your blog comments, as well as your MySpace and Facebook messages. Thank you for all of this, your support is amazing and cherished.

I have talked about working as an artist as being a solitary profession, and I have talked about my complete joy at finding a sense of community: locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. I love both aspects, but things have gotten a bit out of whack for me.

Finding balance between the alone time in the studio creating and time on the Internet in the world of promotion, networking, and blogging is no easy task.

So with that said, I am letting myself off the hook for the rest of August. I will return Friday September 5th.

And I will return with a BANG- I promise! I hope you all will still be here and that I won't lose any of you, because my readers mean so much to me. So take a holiday, you don't need to read this blog for the next 3 weeks. What will we all accomplish in that time? It is kind of exciting...

Meet me back here on September 5th okay? Have a great 3 weeks and take care of yourselves.

Keep painting and keep fighting!

I love you all. I really do, and somehow I think you know that.
xx- Megan

PS. I miss you already.

Pictured above:

Toward the Inside
Megan Chapman
Mixed Media on Canvas
30x24" $725

P.P.S I will be in Little Rock, Arkansas tonight for 2nd Friday Art Walk at the River Market ArtSpace from 5-8pm. If you live in Little Rock, hope to see you there. There are pieces of the Evidence of the Disappearance on display at the gallery as well as my older work.

Just a little something...


  1. It's a well-earned break!

    Thank you for all your sharing and love.

    See you in September (or later if you need longer).


  2. Hear, hear! Go treat yourself in every way and come back to us refreshed :)
    PS I have to see "Vertigo" now - it looks great! x

  3. Yes - some Megan time is well-deserved. This little box can eat all your time.

  4. Ah, the feeling of being screen free!

    For some reason I keep hearing the chorus to 'Let the Sunshine In (Aquarius)' as I envision you leaping with glee through the rest of August!

  5. Have a great blog-cation. Seeking balance is such an important quest, even if we never quite get it perfect. Rest assured, your readers will return when you do.


  6. Too bad you're not taking a real vacation to the eerily quiet and bleached out San Francisco of Hitchcock....but maybe you are. I hope to see you at Golsa's thesis show!

  7. enjoy your blog-cation, Megan! and have fun in LR tonight- wish I could be there :-)...

  8. Awwww...We'll miss you Meagan! Well, have fun on your blog-cation! :)
    I have September 5th marked on my calendar. Yes! Something to look forward to!
    Take care, and see you in 3 weeks!

  9. Hi! I am writing from blog-cation land, and I have to say you all are the best! Thanks for your comments full of understanding and encouragement of this pause in blog production...

    You all are the bees knees.

    See you Sept. 5th! I can't wait!
    xx- Megan

  10. Can't wait, can't wait!!!

  11. Hi megan, I will miss you, and i so understand where you are comming from! It is indeed a fine line to walk on between meaningfull creation and getting it out there. I follow your blog closely, i don't always leave a comment but i love what you share with us. So yes the 5 of september is marked in my calendar as well. enjoy your time out!!!

  12. All we ever got was cold
    Get up, eat jelly
    Sandwich bars, and barbed wire
    Squash every week into a day

    The sound of drums is calling
    The sound of the drum has called
    Flash of youth shoot out of darkness