Friday, November 28, 2008

I carry this refuge within me.

Come in and shut the door.
You might want to take your shoes off. Splash some cold water on your face from the basin, and look out at the street from the window. Smell the air and hear the sounds.
Try out the chairs, they may not look comfortable, but they are. Try out the bed, it feels firm and solid, so nice to recline and look at the art on the walls. While you are there just look up at the ceiling, you may start to feel yourself letting go. You have everything you need here, perhaps there is a good book in the drawer or even hidden under the pillow. You may find some paper, and decide to write a letter. In this calm and simple room, ideas start to form in your mind quickly. Excited by this you may get up and pace the floor, feel it underneath you, it gives a little and crackles under your feet. Just a few minutes in this room and you feel restored for the time being. Have a glass of water, put your shoes back on and it is time to leave. This perfect room is always waiting for you.

I carry this refuge within me.
Does your mind take you to a particular painting when you need to get away?


  1. Beautifully written, Megan.
    Nice choice of painting, too.
    Have you read Lust for Life?
    Guernica for me. Dark, I know, but keeps things in perspective. I'm young and in war.
    Great writing, Megan.

  2. I agree painting is a great place to get away from relaity. I haven't done much painting in awhile but I will do some more soon. I feel when I do my photography it is a place were I can relax and not think about what is going on in this world because of the economy.

  3. Excellent! I like it. I do have an inner refuge like this. Visualisation is very powerful.
    Nice one, Megan. :)

  4. It is the simplicity that this room offers; free of modern day complication or at least in appearance; no computers, televisions, it offers a safe hideaway space from it all, something we all need from time to time, to reflect..
    comfort, warmth..
    although, it has an irony, as there wasn't much comfort or peace to be found for Vincent here was there! (as the anon person mentions with the 'lust for life' book.. a great book)

    strange though, it still offers that illusion.

    stranger still.. is my favourite 'away from it all' painting.. is by Vincent also..

    .. and we all know what happened in this field.