Friday, January 9, 2009

I remember slam dancing until 2 a.m.

University of Oregon
BFA terminal project
1999 Megan Chapman
This is one of my favorite books from the past.
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I can see the foundations.
I can also see how I have started to censor myself too much.

I love you all.


  1. OMG......your amazing it just became jan 9th and you have already posted ur blog:) can u please give me lessons on promptness and responsibility

    I actually may have slammed into all those years ago because I went with Paul and Hank a couple on times when I was in college. We went to another college but came to visit a couple of times:) its a small world:)

  2. I remember drawing spider plants and building castles of boxes..

    Truly amazing.

  3. Wonderful post! Much love in this new year.

  4. Be childlike, Megan. It's there, all of it, the answers and the future questions, inside of that tremendous soul of yours.

  5. Really good post. Using right side of the brain - awesome... yes we get too tied up in what's expected of us as we grow up...
    Mind you - I was a little too creative - I still have one of those books from primary school where you wrote your "news" on a Monday morning...I wrote some real tall tales in there!!!!

  6. I zeroed in on "I wanted to a trash can and remember the day Liberace died."
    Made my day, and I will likely be irritating anyone around me over the weekend by quoting this...

  7. Hey Megan!
    Your earlier work, and some of my earlier work are eerily similar...

    I will post some of it on my blog on Monday...yes...I will...

  8. Thanks for exploring the past with me everyone...

    "I remember lots of cereal
    and dying my hair black
    I remember scuffing up my combat boots and lighting hairspray on fire in my room
    I remember throwing my book across the room in algebra
    I remember gluing emery boards to the soles of my boots
    and slam dancing until 2 a.m.
    I remember sitting on a porch and seeing starry night painting on the ceiling..."

  9. Throwing your coat in the creek and an anthill in your purse oh to be a little girl again with the whole world open and innocent. I enjoyed your memories today Megan.

  10. it's so great to look at where we've been as we head in a new direction....i love the new work in the last post megan. i've been thinking about 10 years ago alot funny how there is so much parallel thinking you and i do...

  11. I love this exercise - to me it will be an exercise.
    I remember sliding down an slick snowy hill on the seat of my jeans so many times my butt was numb from the cold layer of ice that had formed on the fabric.

    I remember going to church when I was 5, twitching and scratching the whole time from the knitted wool dress my mom put me in.

    This is fun!

    Love you too, Megan :)

  12. Lovely blog...trigger on personal reflections was pulled. Much Luv, L5

  13. Memories are such fertile ground...
    thanks again everyone.

  14. I like how raw and uncensored these pieces are.

  15. "I can see the foundations.
    I can also see how I have started to censor myself too much."

    As a writer, I completely understand this. Sometimes we do have to pull out the old notebooks/pieces to understand where we're going and how we got to this place, the gravel road swallowing itself in road dust behind us.

    It's a comfort to still be in the cab of the truck and hurling forward, even if the windows are rolled down. You know what I mean.

  16. Megan, at first I thought surely you were showcasing another artist again. This is your stuff? It is utterly new and brave and I love it. Always love taking ourselves in completely new and foreign directions, this is fabulous. Can't wait to see what comes next!

  17. Again, thank you everyone for visiting and commenting.
    I just want to be clear that this work is ten years old.Created in 1999 for my BFA terminal project at the University of Oregon.
    Some aspects of this older work may come into play in my newer work in the future after the "fire and noise" series, as always I will keep you posted..

  18. it left me with chills...

    thank you Megan...

  19. Memories...most all of them, are gifts.