Friday, February 27, 2009

and the winners are...

Thanks to everyone who read and or commented on my blog this past week!!

It was so wonderful to hear from everyone. Thank you for the compliments and feedback on what this blog has meant to you and your advice on what I should do with it now. You all made me think a lot this past week and smile more than a few times as well.

This is what I have decided. I am going to take a break from this blog for a while and regroup, work hard, learn some things, and finally try to put some of this information into a lecture or class format like I always intended. I am going to really try to find new venues and audiences for my art as well as try to expand my etsy offerings. So, let's meet back here on the first Friday of April. A full month off and then we will check in with each other and see where we will go from there. I might be full of new information and stories or I may say goodbye for good. Like I said you won't completely lose touch with me as I am around on the internet in various creative forms if you just look. :) and there is always my website Also please remember the archives and the condensed version links. I am sure there are posts you haven't yet read that you might enjoy. Oh and I am also now on twitter for any twitter folks out there.

I wouldn't be me if I didn't leave you with a few last plugs.
My next show "Selective Evidence" opens next Thursday March 5th from 5-8pm at the ddp gallery in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Locals please come out and see me and my work! I will be recreating my studio in the gallery and you really must see my paint encrusted easel as well as the fifteen paintings never before shown in the region. The show end Saturday March 21st. So don't miss it! Also "Fire and Noise" closes on Saturday March 7th at the River Market ArtSpace in Little Rock, so please try to make it there before that show closes as well.

Alright (drum roll please)....The winners of the small, original, paper paintings (from my etsy shop) are:
Congratulations!!! Please email your physical address to me so I can get these into the mail ASAP. My email is megancha(at)gmail(dot)com

Thanks everyone for your time, energy, support, and love! Good luck with your art and your lives. I'll be thinking of you until we meet again.



  1. Nicely wrapped up :)

    Have a good month! x

  2. agreed. have a fun "month off"! wish i could make it up for your opening!

  3. congrats to the lucky winners!!!

    That is a good plan to have a month off and then regroup and see how things are going.

    good luck for your opening and I will "see" you in a month.