Friday, August 14, 2009

Come inside...

The week flew by.
I've been working on a few paintings.
The blocks of 100 flashes are resting.
The photographs keep coming each day.

Here is a tour of some paintings around my studio, some done and undone. Some are just experiments. Poke around and enjoy your stay.
Until next week.

Edit: My friend and fellow artist, Stephanie just alerted me to a great blog she posted about our first Thursday Art walk here complete with pictures from the ddp gallery that represents my work and the Fayetteville Underground where my studio is. Please check her post out- for even more pictures! Click Here


  1. Oh, Megan. Title of the second piece? It's my favorite.

  2. I love your studio space! I also am super excited about your photo project. BTW - I posted a few shots from Art Walk night :) Hope you don't mind.

  3. A few shots, including ones of your studio, I meant to specify.