Friday, January 15, 2010

4:29 am.

It is still dark and I should be painting.
When my studio was in my home, I would be painting right now.
I would feel the pull of the old creaky stairs, to my attic studio. I would look out the high window and see the sleepy neighborhood and I would feel that edgy sickness and thrill of being awake when I wasn't "supposed" to be. I would put my huge headphones on and turn up the music I knew would help me get lost and I would work for several hours at a time. I would see the sky turn from inky black over the mountain to that pale purple to grey blue. Sometimes, I would see the sun start to skim the tops of the trees and I would know it was time to stop working.

I would jump up and down, I would sing, curse, and have conversations in my head with the ghosts in my studio. I would paint for them and I would be happy.

I miss those times.


  1. White! I can't wait to see them!!! The c.d. with your photos looks so great Megan. It is a wonderful life isn't it? <3

  2. Thanks Heather.. I am not sure about the white anymore.. I just ordered some new supplies- lots of new Megan colors... Thanks for your support and checking in here! I hope your year is off to a creative start.

  3. I like that little painting in the attic story...

  4. I am glad you liked the painting in the attic story.. I hadn't written like that in a while and really felt the need...
    It was a release.
    Thanks for checking in.

  5. It sounds like you need to be in the attic again. I like the part about getting lost in the music to be able to paint. I need music to paint. I need to get lost in the music. I love your work.

  6. Anon- thanks for loving my work.
    I hope you get lost in the music soon.
    Thanks for your comment. I love having a studio outside my home.
    It is just a matter of timing, priorities and boundaries.
    Today I stayed home from my studio- and it was good to allow myself a break.

  7. That was a beautifully written story about painting in the attic. Sometimes it's so special being up when no one else is.

  8. Thanks Imp....
    I love that time of quiet mixed with rebellion.