Friday, March 12, 2010

burned me down to the wires

As many readers of this blog know, the music I listen to is the greatest inspiration for my paintings, photographs, and the words and titles that I put to my art.

While I was happily celebrating my birthday on March 6th, one of my favorite inspirations decided he had had enough of this life.

Mark Linkous shot himself in the heart.

The next morning when I found out the news, I was heart broken.

He was a musician I had never met, nor had I the chance to see him play live. He was not a friend, but he was a companion in the studio just the same. He will be deeply missed and his music will always be treasured and continue to inspire.


  1. I was not all that familiar with him until recently, but I know how attached to artists and musicians we can become and to lose someone like this is always so very sad.

    Whatever pain he was going through has gone now.

  2. It is a great and a sad loss, he wrote and produced some truly beautiful music, I remember us both being so excited about his DNOTS project and both ordering it.. you got yours first (and a poster)..
    Good times..