Friday, June 24, 2011

We will live this time...

This week was filled with meetings, appointments, migraines, tracking down a typewriter and so much more. I did manage to work, paint, and research regardless of all the distractions. The week started off with a bang as I sold my final Map of the Night from my shop artmaven on Etsy. I can officially call the Maps of the Night series a sell out! I am so pleased about this, I loved that body of work and I hope those who have collected it will enjoy those works for many years to come. There are still eight remaining flashcards in my shop, so snap those up! I also decided to add the remaining secret blocks and have lowered the price on them slightly from when they were shown in galleries, so please check out artmaven for all my remaining small works!

Every purchase helps me stay on the path, helps me stay connected with artists near and far, and helps to encourage and support me. Thanks again to all my many patrons and supporters over the years. I am very fortunate to have your support and I'll never take it for granted. You allow me to to be an artist and that is the greatest gift you can give me; the freedom to stay focused on my art, my true calling on this planet.

In other news, I have begun incorporating type into my new works for my next series, Sometimes I love you and other stories. This is the reason for tracking down a typewriter, which was graciously loaned to me by a local writer. I am tempted to tell you about and show you the beginnings of this series but I feel like I should hold back at this time until it becomes more solid of a concept. I can tell you I am very excited and I have high hopes for this series.

Until next week, keep fighting.


  1. I got my flash card in the mail today (there was a postal strike that delayed it) and I love it, thank you. It's in its frame but is waiting for proper matting to look its best.