Saturday, July 9, 2011

typed words, dreams and paper

This week I started some more small works for my etsy shop. These pieces are a precursor to my series "sometimes I love you and other stories." I have two completed and three more currently on the go. I have incorporate small abstract paintings with typed text and I must say I am very excited! My goal is to create at least ten of these new works before I put them on etsy. I hope that will happen either this weekend or in the early part of next week.

In other news, there are only two flashcards left! I am thrilled that twenty seven of these small miniature works have found good homes so far. Perhaps you have been meaning to get yourself a flashcard before they are all gone! Visit my etsy shop to see what remains. I may also be adding some of my older smaller color paintings to etsy. It is time to let go of the past and make room for the new. Every dollar you spend in my shop or on my art keeps me on the path, funds my next series, and truly keeps me alive. I am honored when people spend their hard earned money on my work as I understand it is tough all over.

There has been a lot going on professionally and personally in my life lately and sometimes it is hard to keep my head above water. However, when I talk with a patron of the arts about my work and my dreams for the future everything seems possible. Thank you for your encouragement.

Next week things will kick into high gear with my new paper works on etsy and more progress being made on my latest series of works on canvas. You know I will keep you posted.

Until then, keep fighting.

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  1. Keep encouraged my friend :)
    Its great to be reminded of our dreams - we don't always keep our eyes on the road cos we need to glance down and see the diamonds under our feet too. Its all part of the journey. x