Friday, February 3, 2012

Detours caused by teapots

This week I took a bit of a break from all the galleries and museum type places. I decided that so much of what I was seeing was just rushing past me, that I wasn't absorbing or allowing the art to impact me. However, I still walked all over this lovely city again this week and I did stop into a few small art galleries and boutique art shops. I was on a quest for a tea pot, but there is always a little time for art...

The first place I visited this week was a print shop gallery, Edinburgh Printmakers. I liked the way things looked in the window and I fancied getting myself a small piece of souvenir art to mark my journey. As we entered the small shop, the old door loudly rattled shut behind us, but that did not cause the attendant to look up or greet us. I walked through the shop and browsed the beautiful prints they had for sale but the one I liked by John Heywood sadly had no price and the gallery attendant still hadn't acknowledged our being only five feet away from her at any point. I decided not to hassle her and did not purchase work from the shop.

Upstairs at this same gallery was an exhibition by one of the artists that I mentioned last week, Kirsty Whiten. If you recall, she did a piece called "prayer monkey" that I was taken with. In this new solo exhibition, Breeder Badlands, the artist portrays her friends naked with their children. Mothers with babies and complete family units naked, napping, and protecting the clan. Rendered as obviously modern people but in either isolated color field backgrounds or with painted prehistoric or a jungle-like theme behind them, the exhibition of original paintings and hand made prints was an interesting take on the psychology of family and our place in the world, and the familial instincts carried over from our ancestors. It was one of the most put together and well executed exhibitions I have seen in this city yet. It fit the gallery perfectly and was a captivating exhibition.

The next notable gallery I stopped in this week is The Red Door Gallery. It is a small cute shop filled with art, hip crafts, and has a distinct flavor. This little shop made me feel the hope of Spring. It is that kind of place, well designed with funky prints, pillows, tea towels, cards and other ephemera of the day tastefully flooding the little light filled shop. The place makes me want to live in a little apartment with just the right things, such as an owl pillow, some framed cassette prints, even my coin purse would be cute in this world. The Red Door Gallery is like the best of Esty but in the flesh. I am sure I will return. I was also pleased to see one of my favorite etsy artists, Olivia Jeffries prints available for sale.

So, those were the two most notable stops this week; there were other shops, design studios, magnificent buildings and views this week too, of course. There was some great curry had and another nice meet up with some other members of the blipfoto community as well. It was a good week.

Also this week, I created ten more original small works on paper and restocked my etsy shop again. All the small pieces I made last week sold! I am so grateful as my small affordable works are supporting me currently while I am away. If you haven't checked out my etsy shop since last week please do and consider buying a small work for yourself or a friend or sharing my work with your friends. I really appreciate every one's support. Thank you!

Until next week, keep fighting. I have a city to explore and more art to make and a teapot to find!

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  1. Living in a cute Etsy flat really would be rather nice. I doubt Etsy flats would ever get dusty or dirty. Imagine!