Saturday, January 12, 2013

I made it!

Walking the streets with Stewart Bremner taking photos

It's Friday and I am here! I made it! Did you make it?

Let's see. Did I make any art this week? No, I did not. I took photographs every day, but I always do that. I communicated about art to other people, some deals were made and some opportunities were offered. I bought my plane tickets to Scotland this week as I will be going there in mid March through mid September to work on a series of new works for the my ghosts of the past exposed project funded through USA Projects. I am very excited about it however, buying plane tickets still makes me incredibly nervous. I don't know if spending large amounts of money or the act of air travel will ever come easy for me, but I am glad to have the first step in the process of my project completed! In other big and exciting news Stewart Bremner arrived in Arkansas this week!

While Stewart has been recovering from his jet lag and a bad cold, I have been working at the job. This week was much better and my performance was much better too, perhaps because I took a personal day this past week! Ha! Besides work and not making art, the days ticked by in a flurry of furious housecleaning, grocery shopping, organizing, cooking, baking, singing and some walking. I think I took care of 5 months of chores and self care in one week. However it gets done, I am glad I am back on track.

Don't worry, the art part of this blog will come back and the second half of the year is going to be action packed with art and project related biz so just keep coming back. This is my life, it ebbs and flows and I just go along for the ride and art is always around me.

Thanks for checking in.


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