Friday, February 12, 2016

A Delicate Balance : Exhibition!

Last week a friend tagged me in a post on facebook. A gallery and coffee shop was reminding the facebook world that they have space for art exhibitions on a two week rotating schedule and to contact them.

I shared it to my own facebook wall so I wouldn't forget and thanked my friend for tagging me. On Monday I wrote The Tide Gallery and Coffee Shop a facebook message and not even all that well. I had made a mistake in my post to them but I acknowledged it and got on with living. They wrote me immediately saying they would get back to me. On Wednesday they wrote back asking for a meeting. On Thursday I met Stephen from The Tide Gallery and Coffee Shop and on Friday (today) I (with the gracious help of Stewart Bremner) was installing my exhibition "A Delicate Balance" on three walls of their lovely gallery and coffee shop.

I decided to show the "greatest hits" of the Delicate Balance series from 2015, eight large pieces in total. It filled the space well and the work balanced itself out with repetitions of color and form. My statement and bio was put on the wall along with updated postcards for folks to take away.

This all happened in an instance, in a blink of an eye and I was ready. The owner of The Tide seemed pleased when he came in just as we had finished installing the show. I was pleased too. It was great to see these works out of the studio and breathing fresh air into a different space and this time, with a sea view!

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my work. I am so happy to have these paintings in people's lives even for an instance while they have their coffee, study, meet with friends and look at the sea. I love knowing that these paintings are being seen and are near the ambling tide in Portobello.

After we installed the show, we walked out on the beach towards the sea picking up pieces of blue pottery; my mementos of this victory.

The worlds needs you and your art. Are you ready?

A Delicate Balance, paintings by Megan Chapman
On exhibition from February 12th-26th
The Tide Gallery and Coffee Shop
56 Kings Road, Edinburgh.
Open hours: Monday-Sunday 9:30- 5:30.


  1. Congrats Megan - Always pays to be ready - the universe knows and attracts opportunities :)