Friday, July 8, 2016

I keep making art

The world continues to be in turmoil and yet I keep making art. It feels odd to go about the day to day while black people and police are getting murdered in the streets back home in America.

I am horrified by the state of affairs and I hope all of my readers and friends will write their politicians and leaders and speak to their friends and communities loudly to make sure everyone in your circle knows and feels it in their soul that black lives matter.

It feels equally strange to be here in the U.K. to watch as leaders continually bow out of their responsibility for the Brexit result while acts of hate toward immigrants escalate. Whole populations of people are now wondering about their future and safety in their chosen home.

Fear seems to be the common thread around the world. People living in fear of each other and the unknown. People wanting change after years of being punished and neglected by the outdated systems in place; rising up and trying shift the balance of power while often voting and working against their best interests. The powerful know that they have trespassed on the rights of the populace and they live in fear of the situation they have created. Throw guns into the mix and we seem certainly doomed.

I want to live in a more fair and just world. I want to live in a world of color and difference. I want to live in a world of mutual understanding and appreciation, a world not connected through fear but through love.

Until then, I keep making art and at night I whisper out peace, peace, peace to the world just before I shut my eyes for another sleep in my luxurious white life.

Until next week, keep fighting with love in your heart for a better world.