Friday, February 10, 2017

Updates, admin, and raising hell

This week I spent many hours in the studio, less as a painter and more on the administration aspect of being an artist.

I am a proud member of both Visual Arts Scotland and the Society of Scottish Artists so I updated both of my membership pages on their respective sites. I also updated my own website. I am still working on cleaning up my CV, as well as polishing up my bio, and writing more of an all-purpose artist statement rather than a series specific one, as it usually is. These tasks take time and are always evolving and never seem to get any easier. I spent quite a bit of time researching, reading and rethinking things. I am always rethinking things.

Fortunately, I made some time for creating a couple of small pieces of art. I don't want to loose the connection I've recently been enjoying during the distillation process. It's always a balance. Soon the edited pieces of the distillation process will be documented and made into limited edition prints. I am hoping to make these larger in size and with a different type of paper from my previous prints. I will keep you posted on the process.

The sky has been dark and brooding prone to snow and hailstones as well as sun and blue skies. It captures my mood as I flit about, finding it hard to concentrate. Until next week you know what to do. Sign petitions. Call your officials. Show up and march. Send letters to the paper. Raise hell, and of course, keep making art.

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