Friday, March 24, 2017

New limited edition prints: Soon!

My armor, my solace, my connection
© 2017 Megan Chapman
signed limited edition print
paper size A3 42x29.7cm/11.7x16.5"

I was pleased to share the final selections from the Distillation Process with you all last week here and across social media. Thank you for your support and excitement over my latest body of work. It means so much to me, I am quite excited about releasing this series in limited edition prints. 

I visited with the brilliant designer, printer, and now shopkeeper, Jenni Douglas yesterday as we made our final decisions on the best paper for the reproductions. Jenni showed me an artist proof of one of my favourite pieces from the series and I was delighted with the quality and richness of the print. The colour and detail are superb and the finish of the archival cotton matte paper is perfect. I happily gave her the go ahead to print the other pieces on this same paper and I should be able to release them into the world next week.

Until then, I have a few details from my artist proof of the piece, My armor, my solace, my connection, to share with you today. At A3 size (42x29.7cm/11.7x16.5") these prints are a beautiful and strong presence.

Wonderful detail and richness

A good size, I can't wait to have my proof framed

A moment of sun hits the print, illuminating the details

Rich in colour and texture with a border for easy framing

Have a look back at last week's post to see the complete series and start thinking about which piece or pieces might be right for your collection. Until next week, keep fighting. The world needs you.


  1. Really exciting Megan Love the work! Clare (Mc Cann)

    1. Thank you very much, Clare! I appreciate your comments! :)