Friday, April 20, 2018

It's all kicking off!

Everything I Love
mixed media on canvas 80x80cm
©Megan Chapman 2018

This week was a busy one. It was a week of painting documentation, deadlines, meetings, finishing touches, mentoring, the one-year anniversary of the Tuesday Studio Video Visit, and using an online calendar to keep it all straight. It was a great week of work moving from one thing to another and feeling in the zone, staying up late and getting up early. I even managed a massage, a community meeting, meeting a friend for tea, and a few moments by the beach. Yes, I had help to accomplish all of this and I am grateful for it.

I happily delivered the painting above, "Everything I Love" to the Velvet Easel Gallery in Portobello to replace the one that recently sold as part of the 'Spring, Thy Name is Colour' exhibition. I am very pleased with this piece, it's one of my favourites from my latest series.

There are a few exciting things coming down the line soon, the first one is that I am to be featured in the upcoming UK edition of Painters Tubes Magazine #8(available in print and online). I am also being interviewed for the Jackson's Art Supply Blog. I will let you know when both of those are available for you to enjoy. It's all very exciting!

Next week, I need to start getting busy as I am helping to organise as well as participating in the Open Studios Event at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall on June 9th from 11-5pm. We are proud to be part of the Leith Festival. It should be a great event as folks will get a behind the scenes of our studios and there will be a wide variety of art available to enjoy and purchase as well. Last but in no way least, this July, I will have four large-scale pieces in the 'Summer Garden Party' exhibition at the Union Gallery. As they say here, 'it's all kicking off!'

It's almost 10:30pm on a Friday night and this blog has been brought to you by a Chinese delivery meal, most of a Marzipan Ritter Sport chocolate bar and this song turned up way too loud in my headphones.

Thanks for being part of my art world, please consider me part of yours. Until next week, the world needs you and your art!

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