Friday, December 20, 2019

Bits and bobs

Here's the Tuesday Studio Video Visit for those who missed it on my Facebook Art Page. I am still working on uploading my videos to YouTube so that they can be more accessible to a greater number of people but until then, here you go:

The video was a recap of the small to medium sized works I have available for sale in my studio. Besides spending time in my studio this week, I was able to see a band that has inspired me for decades now. As many of you know music is one of my greatest (if not the greatest) inspirations for my work. I love many forms of art but music is always the one that I love most and it is the gateway to creation for me. Without music I would not paint and the paintings I paint would not be the same without the music I listen to. So I was delighted that I had the opportunity to see Echo and the Bunnymen this week in Edinburgh. It was a wonderful show and I left inspired (mostly to listen to more Echo and the Bunnymen). I reckon I am finally done painting for the year. 

In other news, today a new patron in Oxford purchased a Bikes for Refugees painting, and put another bike on the road for a total of 15 in 2019! A new patron from Malaysia bought a new small work framed in black. Last Saturday a lovely American came to open studios and purchases a small work on paper. The week before that a local artist also purchased a small work on paper at open studios. The week before that another artist started a payment plan on a framed piece. I am grateful for these sales. They keep me going. A few people supported me on my Ko-Fi site as well. Thank you all, you are keeping my studio rent paid and the lights on so I can continue to work.

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season and next week I will be back with my 2019 wrap up. A blogging tradition that is more for me than you, but one I must post here all the same. Until next week, keep fighting. The world needs you and the gifts you bring.

Sold to a collector in Oxford

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