Friday, February 14, 2020

Take that dive

I SHOULD write about all the exciting exhibitions that I am participating in or that are coming up or about the paintings that are on the go in the studio. Some weeks it is more complicated than others to separate it all out and get quiet and reflect on what I am doing in the studio. 

Some weeks I just want to break script, tell a story, spin a yarn, or just dream out loud. I get frustrated and it holds me back from writing at all. I hope you enjoyed last week's origin story. It felt good to look back and tell a bit of a story rather than just reporting. 

This internet world is extraordinary in so many ways but it also drives and molds us in ways that I don't think are so great. I don't want to learn a formula for selling my art or how to find the perfect clients or whatever Instagram and the like are selling these days. 

I want to paint and the older I get the more I want to protect my right to work as an artist. I don't always understand this calling or even always value it as I should. As you read last week art is always just something I have done, but these last 20 plus years I have done it with dedication, perseverance, and reverence. I didn't wake up one morning and decide to be a painter. It was decided for me and I resent trying to fit it into society's ideas of work, worth, and value. I have beaten myself up for years because I can't seem to make being a painter fit. Fuck that. I want to stop that. All I want to do is preserve my right to work as it is in my true nature. I'll figure it out. We will figure it out. 

This is not a hobby, a gimmick, a thing you turn off and on when you have a free weekend. This is constant, it's the way I see, feel, hear, it's the way I process information, it's the way I use language, it's also about the values I have, not to mention the skill, experience, and practice. It's about what is important to me and what I feel is important to the larger society. To dive into sound, art, words, a film: to dive in and swim away in the story of it all but to come back to this world knowing yourself and your fellow humans better, richer, deeper - that is what it is all about for me. This is what I am fighting for, to be able to take that dive and resurface here and still feel safe in this society. 

Thanks for joining me, the world needs us and our work. 

And as always find my work currently at the following galleries and sites. 

Solo Gallery
Innerleithen, Scottish Borders
I currently have seven pieces in the gallery.

The Velvet Easel Gallery
Portobello, Edinburgh
You can catch my work in the Of Night and Light Exhibition until the 1st of March and in the upcoming exhibition, Where the Shadows Come to Play that will open on Saturday 7th March, 2020.

Fenix Gallery
Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA
Ask to see my available small works and limited edition prints

Small works shop:

On all your favourite channels!
Youtube: (I am in the process of transferring my Tuesday Studio Video Visits over to Youtube)

And of course, at my studio G23, located at 36 Dalmeny Street Leith, Edinburgh EH6 8RG. I will gladly open by appointment. Next Open Studio March 1 from 12-5pm as part of the Makers Marque! Make plans to attend.

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