Friday, July 4, 2008

The Evidence Continues...Vlog

Dear Friends,

I hope you will enjoy today's Vlog.

For those of you celebrating the holiday today, I hope you have a happy and safe fourth of July.

For those of you in and around Arkansas, I will be at the Blue Moon Gallery tonight, Friday July 4th from 5-9pm for first Friday gallery walk, as my exhibition is still featured. I would love to see you there.

Thank all of you for reading and watching, and for sharing the next nine minutes of your life with me...



  1. You're spot on there Megan, it's gonna look lovely on my coffee table!
    Can't wait for it to arrive!

  2. Those post-launch blues are a common event in my life too. Each time I've released an album or performed a really high profile gig, I always get the blues after. Like you say, its natural, and once you know this, you can just walk the path, be gentle on yourself and smile when great things start to happen because you're not beating yourself up! So, well said, and thanks for sharing.
    Your catalogue is beautiful, and it has a prime location in my front room so it can be picked up and browsed through - and it has been by my family and friends already - they love it!
    Have a great day/evening and weekend.
    Sending love and congratulations :)

  3. Mr. Supervisor and Creative Debs-

    I don't know what I would do without you two... thank you both for your friendship and for all your support!!

    love and admiration,

  4. My catalog is sitting in a UPS holding cell much to my dismay. Living in downtown NYC is not always easy when you don't have a doorman or someone to accept the package for you. They are threatening to send it back to shipper. Sheesh, gonna have to go get it myself from them. I can't wait to see it, though! :)

  5. Susan...

    So sorry to hear of your delivery delays with the catalog. I guess that is city living for you...:) I hope you are able to pick it up without incident.Thank you again for ordering one! I hope you will enjoy it!

  6. Awesome Megan Chapman. Keep up the great work in your progress in your blogs and painting career. You are a great rolemodel. Keep up these great blogs every Friday. I enjoy reading and hearing more about your work. I hope you had a great show and a happy 4th of July.

  7. Thanks Josh!
    I appreciate you enthusiasm and support.

  8. You are so awesome.
    Like an oxygen rush, man. :)

  9. Like an oxygen rush.. me? : )
    You are awesome Stephanie- I saw your new "studio space" I saw your paints out, and the new painting on the easel.. That rocks! Happiness!

  10. Loved this - really interesting! It's great to hear you talking about your art and the realities of being an artist. I'll keep tuning in. :)

    Keep up the fantastic work!
    Natasha x