Friday, September 25, 2009

Pocketful of inspiration

Dear Readers,

It has been a while since I just posted some things that are inspiring me at the moment. So here goes.

Thank you for checking in here, discovering this place, linking to it, telling your friends, and most of all, for your comments. I really appreciate any time you decide to spend with me, my art and words. Have a wonderful weekend. See you next week with a real story.

xx- Megan

Oh and here is an impromptu video I made of my studio...Enjoy!

My paintings are for sale. My work ranges in price from $275 to $2,200 and small original works on paper in my etsy shop are available from $25-$40. I will be adding more works there soon. Also I am always looking for additional gallery representation and exhibition opportunities. Thank you.

Find my paintings at these galleries and websites:


  1. Nose AND forehead? God damn Americans :-) I'm on a plane and I will hunt you down. Have a wonderful weekend Ghosty

  2. Megan, you are fabulous! Seeing your studio in Fayetteville...your marvelous paintings, so juicey, delicious and powerful, what a treat! I wish I had my studio space near yours! I would love to live with a piece of your work!

    Sending you Deepest Bows,


  3. I'm glad you have posted the video of your studio here, I think it is a wonderful insight into your 'dark gauzy' world; and people do love to see the 'behing the scenes' and the 'workings out' - beautiful little video and makes me feel warm inside and inspired.

    Your a bloody treasure.

  4. This is a treasure trove I'll come back to sample bit by bit. I enjoyed the first video and seeing your studio. I'll come back for more later. Have a great weekend x

  5. Great little vid of your studio - love to see it all at once :))

    You're a proper gem of an artist:)

  6. Hey Gang..
    Thanks for the comments. Glad you enjoyed the video of the studio and any of the other links you may have clicked on.. I really appreciate your hanging out in my mind and dropping by this place.


  7. I'm often late to the party, this is no exception. I was poking around here looking for images of some of your paintings you just posted on Blip. I can never resist a video. So, of course, I had to watch it :) It was great! I love the space. I am not so sure I'd be much "inspried", at least not in a positive way, by your choice of music, but I love it none the less. And I loved how it faded as you left the space. That really hit me.