Friday, October 2, 2009

How I spent my summer...

I hope you will enjoy my latest paintings that were created in my studio in the Fayetteville Underground over the past 3 and a half months. I am so pleased to have these documented so I can share them with you, but also so I can share them with myself. This enables me to step back and re-examine with fresh eyes, and also serves as proof to myself that I have been working. It is easy for an artist to downplay any success we may have and to discredit ourselves. I encourage you to gather up all the evidence of your creative life and allow yourself to feel good about it. Keep fighting and never give in. I know I have said this countless times, but every day we paint is a victory.

Thanks to the locals for another amazing first Thursday. It was wonderful to see you all and talk with you about art. Keep coming back.

On a side note I was asked this week to submit 7 of my favorite songs and write a short essay for each one as part of the Ozarks Unbound Song Book. A new song is released each day. Click here to check it out.

*the music in my video above is by Moby, the track is Ghost Return off his latest release Wait for me.


  1. I loved this video Megan. You have a lot to feel good about as an artist. I really enjoy your work and watching these put to music is a real treat.

  2. More excellent work -- even though we were forewarned with peeks and hints I'm still a bit taken aback by just how dark the last pieces you've shown us truly are.

  3. I really enjoyed this little journey through your work in this video. The music added another dimension too.
    I agree that its darker....wonder if its an emotional thing or the underground creating space?? I'm always intrigued by this sort of thing. Painting I'm convinced, always contains something from a place inside that we either don't know yet, or don't understand. I have had this with writing songs - when I look back at songs I wrote 22 years ago, they're almost prophetic.
    Anyway, without analysis, this new body of work of yours is truly remarkable, as it always is.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. A truly wonderful body of work. Don't forget to add your AMAZING photos to what you did this summer. They are equally important, equalling compelling.

  5. Your stuff is beautiful Megan. Fight every day!

  6. Megan~ there is a subtley and sensitivity in the darkness in your paintings that I connect with and find beauty in and my six year old enjoyed the movie as well :)
    It's interesting I am discovering more and more the prophetic nature in the act of creating. How the unknown in the world around us works, how our own subconscious minds work it is fascinating and I'm finding it to be a helpful gift. In fact really helpful in understanding things and people in my life. There is so many gifts with painting and making art, kinda crazy. Every day we paint is a victory ~ a good reminder :) And reminders are so good and needed.