Friday, November 20, 2009

When ART becomes a joke..

I enjoy it when people can poke a little fun at the art world...

Would you enter a reality show competition to benefit your art career? I also enjoyed this spoof entry for the school of Saatchi show.

Oh yes, and the next time some one asks you what you think about a painting or work of art just go here, type in a few numbers, and you too can speak eloquently and with meaning each time.

For example:
I find this work menacing because of the way the optical suggestions of the negative space endangers the devious simplicity of the eloquence of this piece.

Same as it ever was...(and I wouldn't change a thing)

Next week some bigger news...


  1. This is why I think you rock. And you made me laugh this afternoon.

  2. With regard to the issue of content, the optical suggestions of the fracture endangers the devious simplicity of the substructure of critical thinking.

    I might have to try that out a few more times. Thanks for the laughs xoxo
    Same as it ever was :)

  3. That critique generator is excellent, look out for it on blip...

  4. You and I were thinking along the same lines. I think this art contest is the first reality show that has interested me (a little). I might watch an episode. Tracey Emin is always a hoot.

  5. I love that arty bullshit generating thing. It made me laugh too. I haven't had a chance to watch all the videos but will be coming back. Hope all goes well with whatever your bigger news is. I'll be looking out for it.