Friday, November 13, 2009

The work of Gregory Crewdson

Untitled ©2006 Gregory Crewdson
from the collection of the Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City.

Explore and discuss.
One my favorite photographers.
To see his work in person is a whole new experience.


  1. I can see why he is one of your favorites Megan, WOW. Each photograph felt like it had a story. It's always so cool to hear about artist's processes, can't get enough.

  2. Those are amazing photographs. I was really surprised to look at the video and see the elaborate staging. I don't know what I had assumed about the process but it surprised me. I wish I had a better chance to watch the interviews with him - maybe later I will. I suppose I always thought of photography in terms of capturing a moment rather than creating a moment. It makes me a little uncomfortable - but not in a bad way... more in a way that I'd like to reexamine when I get a few minutes to think about it.

  3. Thanks for these Megan, I really enjoyed them.

  4. Thanks for checking out and thinking about Crewdson's work. Also the scale of these photographs is epic. The untitled (snowy valley) piece above that I saw in person this summer is 4 feet 9 inches x 7 feet 4 inches (144.78 x 223.52 cm) Framed: 4 feet 10 1/2 inches x 7 feet 5 1/2 inches (148.59 x 227.33 cm)

  5. Thats big! I guess when you look at it you get right into it at that size - awesome!
    Amazing work.

  6. These videos surprised me also -- I didn't know that fine art photographers were going to such an extent to stage their photos either. It's quite like making a single-frame "movie" isn't it?