Friday, May 21, 2010

To let the ocean in...

Everything feels prehistoric (when we crash down to earth)

The painting above was the third one in progress and the one I felt had the longest way to go from last week. It's orientation has changed among other things. The title came from some words that popped into my head after taking a photograph earlier in the week.

a certain trajectory

Above, you will find my latest painting in the white series. And for now, that is all I have for you. It is after 1 in the morning as I write this, and I spent 10 hours in the studio today, painting. So as you can imagine, I am beat. There is one more piece in progress from last week, that I am not quite ready to show you. I hope you enjoy these two newest additions. Next week I plan to turn my attention to restocking my etsy shop with new original small works on paper.

Until then, keep fighting...


  1. fantastic work Megan, right up my alley...some real mindbenders here

  2. love seeing your latest works...

  3. These are lovely. I've not been looking at stuff online as much lately and its nice to catch up. I love seeing your paintings.

  4. Thank you all.

    One of the pieces (We will sink to the bottom of the ocean together) that was in progress and I thought was close to being done the week before has been completely reworked and is now finished. I will share it on Friday. I appreciate it when you all pop by and take a look.

  5. Studio is important in the designing and painting. This is my latest painting in the white series.