Friday, May 7, 2010

This is May.

Selections from the Vault © 2010 Megan Chapman

These are the first of the new white series to be shown in the Vault Gallery for the month of May at the Fayetteville Underground. They had their debut last night, and I am happy to report the two pieces on the left, Right Words, Wrong Frequency and Where Strangers Dreams Cling have SOLD! This was such a thrill for me, validation of this direction and so many other things. I had a smile on my face all night. Another piece, To Collect Sounds, from my Fire and Noise series sold from my studio as well. It was a wonderful night, with record crowds and very inspiring all around. I am off to another opening reception tonight at the Sugar Gallery to see Crafting Place, this will be the first time my photography will be shown in a gallery, outside the works I did for the secret blocks that involved the resin. So May is starting off with a bang. I look forward to resting and recharging soon, so that I can get back to work on the white series and see where it takes me next.

In other news, the white series was also recently featured in two other art blogs, you may be interested in visiting. It is always an honor to have my work featured, Thanks again Jennifer and Debs!

I hope your May is wild.

and as always keep fighting...


My friend Thomas Petillo, a brilliant photographer (who will be showing at the Fayetteville Underground in the Fall) and my musician friends, Hammock have been really devastated by the recent Nashville flood. Their new combined book/CD set just went on sale and it would really help these talented artists out in a very concrete way if you bought a copy. Go here to order yours today! Thank you.

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  1. Wow! Congratulations!!! How great to sell 3 pieces at the Underground like that. No wonder you were smiling all night! :))
    As you say - its confirmation of your current direction. Well done you!