Friday, September 10, 2010

Dreams and remembrances...

Delay Before Abandon
© Megan Chapman & Steven Heaton

This post is really for me. This is a page in my virtual scrap book, so I can keep this information all in one place when I am looking back and perhaps when I am looking forward and making new plans. Needless to say I am inspired and pleased with the attention Delay before Abandon has received so far, it is going to be much harder to cover up now...I am glad it is Steven's turn after the show is over!

I wish I could see it in person, but I know the work is in good hands, and I am grateful for this opportunity and for those who have gone to view the work and especially for those who have documented it so I can see it in it's new temporary home.

For those in and around the Liverpool area, please go check out the exhibition, and don't forget to search out Steven Heaton's work. I can't get enough of these resin pieces of his and if I had the opportunity to see them in person I surely would. I think these are some of his finest works to date and therefore I am going to post them again for your enjoyment...

What still remains
© Steven Heaton

A world without us
© Steven Heaton

Next week there will be a new painting here by me and that is a promise. As always keep fighting. The world needs your art.

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