Friday, December 10, 2010

I really wish...

I really wish I could tell you a story about art, maybe even some type of fiction. I would like you to feel what I feel when I paint. How it feels when the brush hits the canvas. How the music, the weather, my dreams, my stories all wrap upon themselves and slide into the lines. I would like to expand on all the words written on my studio wall and allow them tell the whole story.

There is a grey sky outside my window as I am caught in this vortex of thought and feeling, perhaps willing something to come forth. How I am trying to feel something and how I am trying to get you to feel something as the words, music and art all collapse on themselves. I am a blank slate, tabula rasa.

I am at the edge of something but don't worry I will take you along for the ride. Things are about to get interesting.

I can feel it under my skin...

Random thoughts: (if the above wasn't random enough)

The way Maya Deren talks about time and space in this video, is something I can very much relate to and her work has inspired me. I have never attempted to emulate her, but I think if I may be so bold sometimes my work (especially my photography) comes from the same place as she is describing, yet I would never describe it in her terms. The music in the video is beautiful as well.

Please support local artists this season, you can find my work at the following places.

Thank you &
Keep fighting...


  1. One of my early woman film makers...still not to many around.

  2. thank you for being a luxury in my day.

  3. The Factory adores Maya.

    You did just tell us a story, thankyou.