Friday, April 22, 2011

Oops! It's Friday !?!?

in my thrift store shoes © 2011 megan chapman

What a busy week it was and Friday came upon me slowly and quickly at the same time. I was simply drawing a blank for my blog this week but I like to maintain my routine so I asked my friends over on facebook to submit questions for this week's post. Here are their questions and my answers.

Amy asked : Do you think there is a difference in the art communities in Fayetteville (where I live) vs. Springdale? (the neighboring town) If so, how and why?

Amy: I have a rather limited experience with the art community in Springdale, but I have participated in several exhibitions at the Art Center of the Ozarks in Springdale, including several 5x5 benefits, many Artists of Northwest Arkansas juried exhibitions, some group shows and had my own solo show there in 2004. Yes, I do think there is a difference in the art communities in the two towns. Some of the events at the Art Center of the Ozarks are well attended and some less so. It seems that even though Northwest Arkansas is a considered a metro area, that people don't seem to move out of their comfort zones that easily. Fayetteville people don't seem as likely to attend art openings in Springdale and vice versa. However, I think this is changing. I am sure that not having a University impacts the art scene in Springdale as well as the fact that they don't have as many art galleries. Remember though, that Fayetteville's art scene has always gone in waves and in fits and starts and it really wasn't until the last several years that we have developed a more cohesive art community.

Lorel asked: What's the most popular subject for an artist?

Lorel : This is a tough question. Self portraits have always been popular as have landscapes. But then again for an artist like me, neither of those apply since I work in the abstract. I think most art references the artist either directly or indirectly. I believe many times that the artist is trying to show you something that is either important to them personally, culturally or historically significant, or something of beauty.

Ginna asked: What's your favorite color?

Ginna: My favorite color is orange. Orange feels good to me, I love that deep burnt orange and rusty orange oxide is my favorite. I have used it in my work for years, even my kitchen is orange and you can see the titles on my blog are orange. It is happy pure color that has many layers. On the surface orange is simple, but there is so much more to this color. Second choice (not that you asked) is phtalo blue mixed with burnt umber a third choice would be Alizarin Crimson. I love black, grey, and white too!!! I love color. But orange is my top choice.

Robert asked: Music seems to be an important part of your studio life and art life. What do you think are the differences and similarities in music as an art and 2-D visual works as an art?

Robert: This is a fantastic question. You are right music is a huge part of my life in general and always has been. I think there are many similarities in music and art and I think that is why they go so well together and why I use one medium to inspire another in my studio. As in 2-D works I think music paints pictures and presents a space for the viewer/listener to wander in and out of. Good music and good art take you somewhere and change your mood or alter your experience of a space and your life. Art challenges, soothes, prods, and can inspire real change in the viewer. I think music does the same thing for the listener. Art can be a type of visual record of your life just as music can be a soundtrack. I think of the two almost as interchangeable.

As far as differences, I love the words in music- the lyrics. I love the ability that the words have to refine the atmosphere and take a person more quickly to where that artist intends for them to go. Sometimes with 2-D work you have much less control over the viewer and where they go within your work. However many artists use words in their works to achieve this. The adoration of musicians and artists is certainly different. Can you imagine unveiling your latest body of paintings to screaming fans? And going on tour with them? I wish folks could sing along with paintings. It would really change things. I think music has a more clear and easily accessible connection than the visual arts. Everyone knows what you do with music, but not everyone knows what you do with art.

Thanks again everyone for your questions. One of you will win a small art thing... and rather than make you wait for it, I will just announce it now! The random number generator picked lucky number 3! Ginna you win one of my latest flashcards. Go here and let me know which one you would like! Congrats.

As always keep fighting, the world needs your art.

PS. Go out and do something that scares you this week. Live a little and grow a lot. You can do it.


  1. Oh my goodness! Lucky me! I'll take a moment to decide if I may, all the pieces are so great!

  2. I love the questions and answers. Amy's about Springdale, Ginna's about color and Robert's about music. Thanks for the food for thought-fest

  3. Hi Lorel. Thanks again for your question!