Friday, May 10, 2013

Painting! Exhibitions!


After taking a few days off, this week has been dedicated to finishing my move in at the studio and then rapidly turning towards working in the space. I have gone to the studio for the past six days and am feeling more comfortable in the building, using the kitchen and marching up the 5 flights of stairs up to my studio. I haven't yet been brave enough to check out the 5th floor common area during a break but I have plenty of time when I am not painting on a strict deadline to check it out.

Things have been a bit fevered as I finish up a ten piece body of work for "Through time and distance"  opening a week from today in Manchester, England at Cross Street ArtsStewart and I are very excited about the exhibition and are pleased that we are able to be present at the reception and that we are giving an art talk the Saturday after the opening. I am looking forward to being on a train again! Here is the poster for our exhibition. If you are in and around greater Manchester area next weekend come and say hello. We would love to see you and share our work!

Closer to my Arkansas home is an exciting exhibition opening tomorrow night at Boswell-Mourot Fine Art. Stewart and I will also have our works in this group show. If you are in and around Little Rock, Arkansas tomorrow night please make plans to attend. I would be there if I wasn't over here! In case you missed it last week, here is the poster for that exhibition.

So, that is what is going on. I am painting and staring out the window at the view when I am taking breaks. Other than that, I have been walking a lot and going to my yoga classes twice a week.

Next week's post might be late (since I will be in England and it might all be a bit frantic) but I will check back in here as soon as possible (say Saturday or Sunday- if I don't post on Friday).

Thank you all for reading, supporting, encouraging and inspiring me. Everything you have given to me helps me to be braver, stronger, and work harder. 

Until next week, keep fighting. 


PS. Everyday we paint is a victory- it truly is. 

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  1. Dream with me....

    "Before we did...after we didn't & the differences between what we said and thought...who told us we would feel, become bitter...accuse and dream in half strokes? Surly, your art Is greater than your manifesto...

    Yep, Starlight
    Boom Done