Friday, June 21, 2013

Making, Doing, Seeing, Feeling...

Well Hello Friday Readers!


Let's see, it has been a week with an upswing and a plan. Ordering of materials and an action plan created. Getting together contacts and asking for assistance in showing my work around Edinburgh and time spent working in my studio too. I even created 15 new small works for my Etsy shop. I was able to get to both of my yoga classes this week and that was fantastic. It feels good to feel better.

Tomorrow I am going to be sharing a booth with Stewart at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall's Art Market event. I had some of my small works on paper at the last one too, but this time I will have 14 new small works there (one sold in the night!) and help Stewart man the booth. I am looking forward to chatting with a bunch of a lovely people in the process. Sales would be nice as well! We will see...

I am trying hard to focus on the now and not get caught up in the fact that my project is half way over and that I will be leaving in September. I have anxiety dreams about leaving. I look around at the buildings when I am on the bus and start to feel sad that I won't be seeing them everyday. I helped a tourist today get on the right bus and tell them their stop and cringed when they still walked right passed their desired destination. It is obvious I am feeling at home here. I have sat on the sidewalk in a back alley and read a magazine. I have sat upstairs on the bus by myself. I have walked home alone with a gentle buzz from an lunchtime beer and walked at the speed of the locals. I don't want to leave. I have created a nice little life here and made some brilliant friends and am getting to know them better all the time. I like who I am here and am getting to know myself better all the time too.

I have a lot more to do and I have a lot more time to do it in. I just have to focus on the now and enjoy every minute. Now is all we have anyway...

For now, I'll leave you with my new works: (My Etsy shop will be closed tomorrow while I am at Art Market. So if you have your eye on something- jump on it now and use coupon code Thanks10 to get 10% off anything in my shop! Enjoy!

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