Saturday, June 8, 2013

Walking, sun, stuff and things

the lovely canal last Saturday

I am just going to keep this post short. This week I got to the studio once and I prepped paper so I can start on some new small paintings. I also spent one day researching at the National Archives of Scotland. Last weekend I spent time at the canal, the beach and then later the Meadows Festival out under bright blue skies. The meadows festival was lovely with flea market and vintage finds, bands and music, a beer garden and a carnival with rides. It was a great way to spend a Sunday.

tape is essential 
I spent a significant portion of the past week going through all my photos that I have taken while I have been here since March. Trying to cull them, organize them and put them places where people can enjoy them. It is a work in progress, my photography hobby seems to take more and more time. We have also been walking a lot, in fact I walked 32 miles this week.

So, I have divided my time between the studio, walking in parks and on paths, going to both my yoga classes, time researching, and time checking out the great outdoors and enjoying the sun as much as possible, so while there is not a lot to report in the art world, it was a good week spent living.

Soon, this space will be a hive of activity again, pretty photographs, stories, dreams, inspiration and art.

Stay tuned...and thanks for going along for the ride. Until next Friday, you know what to do...
paper just waiting

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