Friday, September 13, 2013

We are nomads...

Another catch up blog post to get me back on track... Thanks again for your patience!

On Saturday the 7th, there was a lovely (and a bit more subdued than last night) goodbye visit with Maggie, Dave and Elaine at the Tourmalet. All of those folks are again blippers, part of the blipfoto community. Such lovely friends I have made here... I hate goodbyes. I just want to say again that these folks supported my project, bought my art and bought me drinks and let me know when things were happening in town and invited me to things and made sure I was made to feel welcome. Southern hospitality has nothing on the Scottish...

Hollyrood Park
On Sunday the 8th, we went for a wee sit in the park to chat and celebrate Stewart's upcoming birthday tomorrow. We met with our friends Craig, James, Graeme, Ever, Paul and even Sergio came around to the mystery spot in the park. We had snacks and some presents too. It was lovely to be outside in one of Stewart's favorite places on the last day of his 39th year. Holyrood park will also serve as inspiration for future work this fall. Such a breathtaking place in the heart of the city. 

On Monday the 9th, there were crumpets and jam for breakfast and lots presents to open and an Alabama Lane cake to bake and eat, all for Stewart who turned 40 today. Stewart's Dad and brother came over around mid day and then later we went to celebrate with Stewart's Mom where there was dinner and even more cake. It was a lovely day and I think we celebrated in style. I knew at the end of it I would have to say goodbye to Pat Bremner (Stewart's Mom) and I wasn't looking forward to that at all. Pat has been a power house of genealogy research, leaving no stone unturned. I am grateful for her passionate assistance and help. I also enjoyed all our outings together just talking and seeing things. Again, in the hospitality department and in making someone feel welcomed, Pat has this nailed. I will miss her terribly.

Campbell Castle. Dollar, Scotland
On Tuesday the 10th we had our last big adventure. Stewart's close friend James was lovely to suggest we go on another adventure and that the packing and everything else would take care of itself. He was right and I needed this sunshine and the Campbell Castle in Dollar, Scotland more than a properly packed bag. It was spectacular in every way. I made myself a promise on the top of that castle and one that I intend to keep.

The Campbell castle was amazing, the waterfalls and lush gorges were perfect and the hill tops and views and sitting in the sunshine was all fantastic. I will hold this day in my heart for a long time and again it will serve as inspiration for my work this autumn. 

I do love it. 
On Wednesday the 11th, it was my last day in town. We ran last minute pre-travel errands. Real foods (health food store) for plane snacks and Boots (the chemist) for something I can't remember... The best part is that while we were out we saw a fox! I had wanted to see a fox and there one was walking out of the St. James Centre car park. Fabulous! We watched it run down the street and turn the corner.

Today I mostly packed, cried and waited. I also shipped my 19 paintings back to the states and afterwards we went to the Tourmalet for a farewell coke and some onion rings where I was just too sad and cried on the bartendress Angie's shoulder and left without saying goodbye because I was too choked up to speak.

On Thursday the 12th, we couldn't ignore it anymore. It was travel day and my six months in Edinburgh had come to a close. Let's just say there were delays and 3 planes rather than 2 and I got into Atlanta, Georgia about 10 pm rather than 5pm as I was supposed to. Other than that the flights were smooth and I am now a confident solo traveler. I figured it all out, asked for help or made travels friends to make the day easier. I also watched some enjoyable films on the longest flight.

It was very hard to say goodbye to Stewart and to Scotland. I just had to keep moving, one step in front of the other and turn the corner and then just jump into the system of travel and stay in the now.

It was great to see my brother Ben at the end of a very, very long day.

So that brings us to Friday the 13th (ooh, spooky!) and another adventure begins...
I will be in Atlanta for at least the next six weeks or so.

On this day, my niece Emily came by the house and we chatted and then she took me out to lunch to a Mexican place called Raging Burrito. You know the tide has turned when your 22 year old niece is now buying the lunch. Then we went to a photography exhibition that was quite good and strange and Emily drove me to a store to pick up a few things before she headed to her volunteer gig. It is a hot, humid and sprawling car culture... I am in America!

Later in the evening, my brother Ben returned from work and my niece Elena came over and we all went out to dinner to Eddie's Attic. We sat outside on the patio and had some good food and a lovely pint of a local IPA. Once home and Elena back to her dorm, Ben and I stayed up talking until the wee hours.

For all my Arkansas friends and followers, especially those in Little Rock, I want to let you know about a special group exhibition called Abstact ARt that opens tonight, Friday September 13th from 5-8pm at the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies. I am thrilled to be part of this group of accomplished Arkansas abstract artists. The group includes artists Dustyn Bork, myself, Donnie Copeland, Don Lee, Jill Storthz, and Steven Wise. The exhibition will remain on display until the 24th of November, so please check it out if you are in the area! Here are a few of my pieces as seen in the exhibition.

My paintings on display as part of Abstract ARt. Photo by Steven Wise
My paintings on display as part of Abstract ARt. Photo by Steven Wise

Now, I am caught up and my blog schedule will resume and will be less journal and more art every Friday! Thank you again for going along on this adventure with me. I hope you enjoyed the glimpses of Scotland, my latest series and learning more about my life as an artist. We are nomads... yes. we. are.

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