Saturday, November 16, 2013

At my fingertips...

two peas in a pod

Hello and greetings from Arkansas, the land of my birth!

First, I must start off this post with a huge thank you to my dear friend and fellow artist Craig Colorusso for letting me hitch a ride on the way back home from his southern leg of a Sun Boxes/Cubemusic tour. Artists helping artists is what it is all about and I am thankful to have such a friend. Please check out his work if you don't already know it and like his pages on facebook to follow his extraordinary work.

We left Atlanta on Monday evening around 5pm and made good time crossing the borders of 5 states to arrive in Arkansas in the early hours of Tuesday.

Once inside my house and greeted by a wee bird in my kitchen (I am back in Arkansas y'all!) I attempted to sleep. It was wild to wake up here and to have things! To have actual possessions that can't all fit in one bag!?! It really was like Christmas. It was great to come back to my art collection and my old desk and typewriter. I quickly got my autoharp out and it made friends easily and looked at home immediately. 

The things I have around me are old and battered yet lovely and give definite clues to what I value and what is important to me. From my eight months away I know now that I don't need them and I can live without them and I will gladly, however it is wondrous to feel the sense of place I have created over the years by the things I have collected. Many of my most favorite things can now fit in a tea cup or two and I aim to keep it that way.

So far this week I have just been getting my house sorted and settled. It's like those films where fancy people drape sheets over their summer home furniture and arrive each year for a holiday that begins with the pulling off of the dust covered fabric and the sweeping away of cobwebs. Except I am not fancy and someone has been living in my house.

I have visited my parents out in the country and I have gone to an estate sale, other than that I have stayed in getting reacquainted with my home and what it means to live here again. My hands have that old familiar tingle and I am itching to make some small works for the holiday season soon.

I have so many stories to tell. Are you ready to listen?


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    1. It's all about making good time! Thanks for popping by my blog Mr. Bremner. It reminds me of the good old days. x

  2. Welcome home! I'd love to see you sometime soon. I WANT TO LISTEN

    1. Thank you Alannah! I would love to see you sometime soon too! I have a feeling we have a lot to catch up on. I WANT TO LISTEN to your stories too! :)