Friday, November 1, 2013

We remained strong...

"I paint pictures to remember, you're too beautiful to put into words..." 
- Polly Jean Harvey. 

This week was pretty forgettable. That is a bleak thing to write. The truth is I am struggling but "this too shall pass" as one wise sage or two or five thousand has been known to say. It unpopular to admit the struggle, no one wants to hear it. I don't want to hand anyone my black cloud. We are all struggling and we are all just in our struggles. Mine is no more important than yours and no less valid. 

I was imagining a private safe place where artists and culture workers could talk about all of this. A no bullshit zone if you will, away from facebook, away from the positive promotion 24/7, away from the "I'm okay you're okay" rah rah of the internet. Not a place to just be bleak and depressive but to be honest, real, not alone and find solutions to common problems. A place where we are understood for what we are, for how hard we work, for what we sacrifice and for the darkness and beauty we harness.

I have so many ideas just bursting to come out, I hope I don't forget them. I hope I don't ever stop. 

I hope you keep fighting too. 



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Lastly if you are in Little Rock Arkansas, or are planning a trip there soon. Don't miss these opportunities to see my work in the flesh in beautiful gallery settings.

Butler Center for Arkansas Studies
401 President Clinton Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72201

This exhibition offers viewers an opportunity to see contemporary, abstract works of art by Arkansas based artists. Artists in the exhibition are: Dustyn Bork, Megan Chapman, Donnie Copeland, Don Lee, Jill Storthz and Steven Wise.

Butler Center Atrium Gallery
September 13 - November 23, 2013


My work is represented by the wonderful Boswell Mourot Fine Art.

Boswell Mourot Fine Art
5815 Kavanaugh Blvd.
Little Rock, AR 72207

Boswell Mourot is a fine art gallery featuring well-known and emerging artists from the international, national and local art scene. The gallery has a selection of my works as well as the combined works of myself and Stewart Bremner.


  1. I'll keep fighting. Loving & missing you from afar. xo

  2. Always lovely to hear from you Alannah. Please keep fighting and I will do the same. I will be back in Arkansas later this month. Would love to see you. xo