Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wandering in the sun

It’s 10 pm and I thought a quick post before bed was in order. I want to get in the habit of writing smaller posts but more regularly with this new blog.

This time last week I was getting ready to board my flight from Chicago to Edinburgh. Such a smooth journey. Well, I guess almost anything would seem smooth after months of preparing to leave and selling everything I could. That was exhausting work. I lucked out on the flight, having a whole row to myself and the 7 hour journey was punctuated by sleep, bad films and meals and beverages brought by the friendly air stewards. They even called me Meegan rather than Maygun and anytime a stranger does that I know I am having a good day. I have been here almost a week already and it’s hard to believe. I wouldn’t say I have jet lag but I must as time seems to blur and I am pretty tired here and there.

I am not sure how this starts. How life in another country starts, you know, how it feels official? Right now I am just getting my bearings by going to some of my favorite places. This part might be more honeymoon/holiday but what if life could feel like that always? Perhaps it can.

Right now it is feeling like I never left, like an alternate universe and I have been here the whole time. Sitting at The Tourmalet watching the sun set on the chimneys outside was like taking a warm bath. Walking down the familiar streets and seeing the Arthur’s seat rising up behind the Parliament building and seeing all the Scottish flags waving in the sky was like seeing a technicolor film for the first time. I am not sure if it has hit me that I actually live here.

In the meantime I will keep writing down my observations. I have gotten out and walked every day but one since I arrived. I have enjoyed the shops and the friendly shop keepers. I have enjoyed the grittiness of the city and the majesty of the gardens and green spaces. I have enjoyed cooking meals at home in the flat. I am excited to wake up every morning and have a great cup of tea in front of the living room windows. I am not sure if I am capable of taking things for granted in my life anymore and I am glad. Tomorrow is a new day, let’s see what it holds.

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