Friday, October 17, 2014

Three weeks in…

Three weeks come and gone. Seems longer, seems short, seems about right. It’s been a strange time. Some days I cry like a child for my things that I left behind and the familiarity of my house, town and routine. Some days I just worry about my left behind things and the graves of my cats but I know I have to let go and trust somehow that they will be okay. Some days it feels like I have lived here my whole life and I am waking up from a dream like in the Wizard of Oz.

Some days I don’t think I have done enough in these past three weeks and I get nervous that I am not living up to my potential. There is some sort of internal/external pressure I feel to have a grand adventure for everyone else who is not able. I do this to myself.

I am having a grand adventure every time I open my eyes and I have done enough.

Evidence: Paper work
Applied for and interviewed for my National Insurance Number (should get in 6 weeks)
Applied for my library card
Name put on the council tax
Name put on gas and electric

Once I get more formal documents with my name sent here (proof of address) I will be able to get a bank account, phone and sign up with a doctor and dentist on the NHS. I will also have my name added to other bills (phone, internet) soon. Also as soon as I start working again properly as a self employed artist I will be applying with the HMRC.

Evidence: Flat
Had name added to the door
Cooked some good meals in the kitchen.
Have the vitamins I need and the tea and shampoo I like (these little things matter)
Have sorted through things with Stewart and we are making more space for me and for us in the flat so it feels more like our place and less just his. This is a tricky balance but I love 90% of Stewart’s things so it is not too hard and he seems ready for a bit of a clear out. So there have been trips to donate to the charity shops and to recycle and trash. Stewart is amazing.

I went to some charity shops last week and got a couple of things on my own for the flat which helped me feel more at home and encouraged future changes. We went to Ikea and bought several items that helped make the flat feel more like us. That is no simple feat without a car but 4 buses and 2 backpacks and big blue bags later we were pretty happy with our new things. It is fun to look at things together and think about how they will work with the things we already have to make it feel more like home. Stewart has been a champion about all of this and each day the place feels more like home for us both. We’ve even been thinking about making “future cat” a reality and I have fallen in love with several tabby’s on the internet but it might still be too soon for a pet. We’ll see…

Evidence: Social
We’ve been to a political rally. We had lunch with Stewart’s mom after the rally. We’ve been to a lovely art opening for Alison at Union Gallery and chatted with Kevin, Keith and Colby. We’ve met up with some of Stewart’s YES Edinburgh North and Leith friends; Jane, Tam, Paul, Craig for curry and drinks. We met up with Stewart’s Dad and youngest sister, Jade at the Word of Mouth Cafe for breakfast. We’ve met up with James for “open doors days” to explore some beautiful places in the city and then had drinks with James and Philip at the Tourmalet. We met up with Jenni at the Tourmalet for a chat. We met up with Maggie and Dave for fresh gifted veggies and beer at the Tourmalet too. (My favorite pub, the Tourmalet features heavily the past three weeks!) I met up with a new friend Jane at a cafe for a coffee by the sea in Portobello. Stewart and I have had our own Portobello trip as well, bumping into his boss/friend from YES headquarters (also named), Stewart. We’ve been to an amazing dinner at Empires Cafe with Ever, Cinnamon, Susan, Sergio, Peikko and Rachel.I just had another lovely/amazing visit with Jenni (and her fabulous cat) at her flat yesterday. We have plans for dinner with Stewart’s mom this weekend and I have another coffee date with a new friend, Annie scheduled for Monday. Have I mentioned that I am an introvert?

Evidence: The City Environs
Stewart and I have walked places most days enjoying the Royal Botanic Gardens, The cycle paths, Old and New Town and Princes Street Gardens (especially the newly reopened bit), The Royal Mile, Dunbar’s Close Gardens, Greyfriars Kirkyard and the parks and cemeteries around the neighborhood. We have browsed shops, went to the Edinburgh Flea Market and eaten at Haq’s curry, Embo, Word of Mouth and City Cafe and of course visited the Tourmalet on numerous occasions and even popped into the Barony (my old favorite).

Three weeks.

While this has happened. I also requested my absentee ballot to be sent to me from home and voted (need to send it back!). I finally managed to have my mail forwarded to my folks, all my utilities turned off back home (once I was over here) and still need to chase down bits of money owed to me from those companies. I have been chatting with my Mom and a possible fix it guy/old friend for the old house and staying involved in that process as it gets rented out. I have also been trying to maintain my non Edinburgh friendships as well. I have managed to write 4 blogs and have taken many photographs.

I am having a grand adventure every time I open my eyes and I have done enough.

And there is something around the edges, I am on the cusp.

Winter is in my bones
Filled with thirsty roots
All the things I gave away without trying
Little packets and parcels
(twine, thimbles, tea, wooden spools)
It’s coming and I will be ready…

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