Friday, December 9, 2016

Re-entry : Support & Sales

Last Saturday's Open Studios at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall was a lovely event. I had my studio open from 11-5 p.m. and enjoyed chatting with friends and family who stopped by as well as potential patrons and passerby.

It was a bit slower than last year. The word on the street is that folks are being a bit more careful with their money right now and aren't spending quite as much or are waiting until the last minute for special deals to take the sting out of holiday shopping. #Brexit

I understand this and I appreciate your support during times like these especially. I am grateful for everyone who stopped by my studio and purchased art or had a kind word. I also appreciate the folks that bought paintings from my Arkansas archive while I was in back home visiting. #Trump

For folks that couldn't make it to the open studios or are further afield and are looking for the most value for your art buying pound or dollar, I do have a Studio Sale section in my Etsy shop currently.

These are the last available works from this 2012 series.
£5. Available in my studio sale section.

I am offering a small selection of older limited edition prints and original small works on paper at bargain prices with free shipping in the U.K. and only £5 shipping to anywhere else in the world!

These are the last available works from this 2013 series.
 £10. Available in my studio sale section.

These are the last available works from this 2014 series.
£20. Available in my studio sale section.
I have also changed some of my prices on the original small paintings throughout my Etsy shop to reflect the current market as well. These prices will not be changing again so please have another look if it has been awhile! For example, the remaining small paintings from A Wintering Heart series are £35 and you will find that the remaining small paintings from the series, Deliciously Lost Again, Return to Now and Little Meteors are £74.50. My newest small works are still £85 and my latest signed limited edition prints are still just £15. So as you can see, I am trying to offer a range of prices so that my small Etsy works remain accessible for as many as possible.

Folks don't always realize how much their small purchases add up and make a huge difference in the life of an artist, but they really do. Even just a £5-£20 purchase keeps me working, encouraged and moving forward on the path. Thanks for considering my work either for your own collection or to give as a gift this season. To all my collectors past, present and hopefully future, you have made a difference to me and my work. Thank you!

I believe in art and artists. I believe in creativity. I believe in music. I believe in giving of ourselves and sharing the communal secrets through our work. I believe in supporting other artists on the path. I believe art is the answer to most troubles, so please if you are feeling dark, make or participate with art. Share your work and stories. Put more light into the world through your art or your enjoyment of art. We need it now more than ever. 

Thank you for being part of this experience with me.

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