Friday, November 24, 2017

Indefinite ether

Today is what the man calls Black Friday and tomorrow will be Small Business Saturday and then Sunday is still just Sunday (some PR team hasn't figured out a good phrase for it yet) and then, of course, we'll have Cyber Monday.

I have used these terms in the past as I have eeked out a living by selling my wares online. However, I think those days are numbered. I tried not to use these words this year and instead have had a pretty gentle "Studio Sale" over in my shop the past few days. Six art patrons have got in on the action so far. Thanks, patrons! You always make me smile and do a little happy dance.

This will be my last big online sales hurrah for a good long while as I am pretty sure my Etsy shop, Artmaven will be going on hiatus by midnight on Monday (so you still have plenty of time to get your cyber on).

In my Tuesday Studio Visit Video, I went into depth concerning my Etsy shop, as it relates to being represented by more galleries here in Scotland and the conundrum it presents. Here's the video if you missed it.

So here we are. I would like to send my shop off into the indefinite ether with a bang. There are still many affordable pieces available. Snap one up for yourself or as a gift. As always I am thankful for all my patrons near and far -- past, present, and future.

Oh and as far as culture and the larger art world go, you might enjoy these videos (there are two so far) about women (or the lack thereof) in the art world. After watching, vow to become part of the solution.

Here's a cool fact. Every gallery (Union Gallery, The Velvet Easel, The&Gallery) that has shown or will show my work so far in Edinburgh is owned by a woman. Right on! I feel very fortunate!

Take care until next week and keep fighting.


  1. Delighted with my print!
    (it's Elaine from Twitter - let's see if blogspot lets me post and what it calls me lol)

    1. Thanks so much for your support and comment, Elaine! Glad you are pleased with your print! x