Friday, November 17, 2017

Link salad and a STUDIO SALE!

Let's have a cultural catch-up: I am listening to Wire's Ex-Lion Tamer on my headphones as I type. I have been listening to their album Pink Flag along with Entertainment! by Gang of Four a lot lately for some reason. It's amazing that the music of my youth still sounds so fresh, so vital, and that it still has the ability to spur me along. To borrow from this energy is a wonderful thing. 

I have been reading Armistead Maupin's memoir, Logical Family. I am scared to dive into it completely because I want to make it last. We are watching the Tales of City series again for what seems like the billionth time. The characters are as familiar as dear friends and the program comforts me. 

In more serious cultural pursuits, we just watched the documentary, Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Holda profound and moving film by her nephew Griffin Dunne. Put it on your list.

I've also been of course painting and making "mistakes." You can hear more about that in my Tuesday Studio Visit Video. 

In other news, the Out of the Blue Drill Hall, where my studio is located, won't be holding open studios this holiday season. I love this event and the sales that result from it are of course very helpful to me. Rather than fret about it, I have decided to have my own digital open studio/sale for the next two weeks over on my Etsy shop, Artmaven.

It is quite probable that my wee shop will go on hiatus in December. I have scoured the studio shelves looking for bargains for you all. There are discounts already applied in many sections throughout my shop and lowered and free shipping on many items too. Please use this coupon code ART4ALL to get an additional 10% off everything in the shop, until December 1st. Thanks for supporting my work. Until next week, you know what to do. 

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