Friday, January 19, 2018

Back to work : for the tooth and the ease

I was happily back in the studio on Tuesday and I decided to work on paper. I am always drawn to paper for the tooth and the ease. There is something approachable about paper, it's not too precious yet it's surface offers many rewards. I set myself some modest goals, mostly just to return to my space regularly and to my routine. This wasn't about pressure or stress. Thanks to my low-key intentions, work dripped from my fingers each day. I sold the first piece to a new collector in America the day I painted it. What a joy! The sale helped to spur me on and filled me with hope for the new year. Thank you, lovely patron!

After completing three of these larger works, I sadly realized I was now out of the paper I was enjoying (must get more this weekend). However, necessity is the mother of invention (of course). After a bit of a studio rummage, I realized I had a lovely stack of small brown paper sacks in the cupboard and with that, The Sack Studies were born! I really enjoyed painting on the brown paper as it complimented my current minimal palette. I also like the jagged edges at the opening of the sacks. The words Tell Me Why Not came to mind and I decided to go for it. These are some of my favorite paper pieces to date. Below you can see all six and a few of my favorites up close.


The work feels good and I am having fun just going with the flow. I am feeling productive as I expand my work. I am also trying to be a bit more intentional and organized, taking note of what I am doing here and there and sharing my progress along the way. As I expand my work I also hope to expand my art community. My goal is to comment and share more of my fellow artist's work and have more meaningful interactions. If you are looking for community, you are welcome in the one I am building or perhaps I can join yours. Artists have to stick together and encourage one another, now more than ever. Until next week, know that you are not alone and the world needs your art. Please keep fighting and bringing your unique voice and eye to the table. Every day we paint is a victory. 


  1. Love the last one particularly, Megan - these are like eyes; watchful, blessing - or portals (my favourite thing; they often appear in my work and I'm always thrilled when it happens).

    Brown paper/kraft paper is beautiful to draw on - I bought a giant roll for wrapping purposes and it is crying out to be made into sketchbooks. One side is polished and the other side, not - and, as you say - the toothiness of paper is just so fabulous. It makes drawing into dancing - you really feel like you're working with the paper in an intimate way.

    Also - did you see this?
    Just think of all those people drawing at once! Magical :)

    Thanks for sharing! xx

    Elaine (

    1. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment, Elaine and for visiting my blog! Yes, I agree there is something lovely about craft paper and these sacks with the thinness- almost brittle a bit like papery skin. I love the sound they make too. I love your imagery of portals. I love being a conduit when I work. Thanks again for your encouragement and support. Happy painting! xx