Friday, January 12, 2018

From two worlds

I am now sitting on our sofa in our flat in Leith. We got back home yesterday. We left Arkansas Wednesday morning and it still seems like Wednesday to me somehow. I remember walking out into the mist out back at my parent's house, looking for their dog Milo and finding him with a salvaged deer leg. He was so proud of his treasure as the misty air enveloped me. I breathed in deeply knowing I would be saying goodbye to my parents within the hour and that I would be in the caged air for the rest of the day and night.

I drove the old highway 71 one more time and then the back roads to the airport sadly, nervously, chatting away. Once we were at the airport, it was game on. All I was required to do was to go with the flow, follow the rules and move through the lines and sky to our destination. There is something comforting about the system. Periodically a few tears escaped simply from the thought of going so far away again and from sheer exhaustion.

It was good to arrive yesterday morning in Edinburgh Airport and grab the Chai latte that has become my favourite and to get on the tram, the bus, and finally to the flat and to bed for a nap, and then later to the local pub. It was good to see familiar faces and remember the familiar ways of doing.

It really is like time travel. These two worlds are always going on, I could still be walking through the mist on the hill in Winslow right now. Part of me surely is and of course, part of me has a lot of plans this year here in the now of Edinburgh. What will this new year bring? I have a few ideas...

For right now though, jet lag still rides beside me and I am amazed I have stayed up past 10 pm as I write this. Before I left Winslow, I did film the Studio Video Visit and it seemed to touch a nerve with folks. Thanks for all the kind comments and shares and private messages. I am glad to know so many folks that care and understand. If you missed it over on my Facebook art page, you can see it again here.

Until next week (and yes, there will be painting again!) - keep fighting, love your people, and dream big. I will if you will!

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