Friday, May 25, 2018

Field trip, Studio makeover, and exciting news!

This week started with an adventure to Dunfermline to see Robert The Bruce, King of Scotland's grave. Genealogy is a hobby of mine and finding him in the family tree was a fun discovery. More than anything though it was just great fun to cut out on a Monday, get on a train and go see new things. Dunfermline is a beautiful place in the spring and the birdsong, ruins, and trees caught my fancy. The air smelled more like home. I put it all in my internal bank to draw from on another day.

On Tuesday, I recorded the video visit that you can see here if you missed it.

As you can see, I was spending the week getting my studio organised and fitting in my new canvas storage and chair that was found in the street! I seem to always find everything I need on the street... The video cuts off (of course) but rest assured I was wishing you well and hoping you were inspired and encouraging you to take some time off and to not be so hard on yourself and to "do no harm but take no shit."

By Wednesday evening I had my studio pretty well sorted out and I must say I love the way it feels right now. It almost feels new again. I have been enjoying the space and have been painting the sides of small works to get them ready for the upcoming Open Studios Event.

Yesterday, I shared some exciting news on my Facebook pages and I will share it with you right now...
My armor, my solace, my connection
© 2017 Megan Chapman 
signed limited edition print
paper size A3 42x29.7cm/11.7x16.5"
© 2017 Megan Chapman 
signed limited edition print
paper size A3 42x29.7cm/11.7x16.5"
Paths, ravines, timeless tales
© 2017 Megan Chapman 
signed limited edition print
Paper size 29.7x29.7 cm/11.7x11.7"
HBO bought three of my limited edition prints (see above) from The Distillation Process to use in their series True Detective!

I am beyond thrilled and so happy that they saw them while part of the current exhibition, "From the Ashes" at Fenix Fayetteville in my hometown.

You can see the whole series here:

If you are local to the Northwest Arkansas area, please go check out the exhibition before it comes down in June. "From the Ashes" is the inaugural exhibition in Fenix Fayetteville's beautiful new space on the square. There is so much wonderful work to see, enjoy and purchase! Don't miss it!

I appreciate everyone's support and enthusiasm in the sharing of my good news. We'll all have to watch season 3 of True Detective when it comes out!

As I was walking home from the studio the other day, I thought to myself that having the space to create really is the ultimate reward. May you have a room of your own and all the materials you need. 

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