Friday, February 8, 2019

Working and refilling the well

commission in progress

This week was spent in the studio working on the four commissions for Paper + White. You can learn a bit more about that on my Tuesday Studio Video Visit. I explain that I am painting four new paintings based on four different series of works spanning about ten years. It's a fun and interesting challenge.

My studio is a hive of activity. I am also taking some time to enjoy the sun when it shines, get out for walks, as always practice my yoga and meditation but also enjoy some films, books, music, and friends. It's this balance that allows me to do the work I need to do. 

brushes and charcoal
This wonderful book just arrived today, and once the commissions are complete, I look forward to diving in. Here's to all the women who came before me and paved the way so that I can live the life I lead. I am grateful.

Ninth Street Women by Mary Gabriel

Until next week, do no harm but take no shit and keep fighting.

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