Friday, October 4, 2019

Let Go

Oops, I did it again, I am running a wee bit behind on my studio blog this week (and for those that notice, my Tuesday Studio Video Visits too). I am pretty much going to blame everything on the VISA process until I get it done (which I hope will be this week - send me love and strength, this process is pretty intense). As easy as it is to get overwhelmed with life, it is equally important for me to remember my art, the events and things I have coming up in the future, and what I offer to my community and my new country through my art. I have spent the morning catching up on my Facebook Art Page, posting recent sales and upcoming events and aim to do the same here. Thanks as always for your patience and continued support. 

Last weekend's Open Studio event was lovely and I enjoyed talking with all those that came by. I enjoy the young artists that are just starting out and wondering how they are going to figure this gig out. It's a wild ride for sure. I answered questions, try to point them towards resources and give them straight talk, as well as a little bit of hope. If I have ever talked to you at open studios and you were left wanting more help or guidance don't forget I do offer this service at a professional level and sometimes only one or two sessions can help you gain a lot of clarity. Visit my mentoring website for more information and if you are 25 or under I am happy to work with you for my concession rate. 

I would love to see you at the next Open Studio and Makers Marque event on Sunday 17th of November from 12-5pm. My doors will be open again!

Besides the fruitful conversations, I was delighted that this piece sold at open studios. 

In other news over the past week, I entered my book work for the John Byrne Award with my entry, "Have you accepted art into your life?" Their website is gorgeous and it felt good to share my books and ethos behind them on this platform. Click here to see my entry

In keeping with submitting my work, I took the same three pieces that got rejected from the RSA and submitted them to the upcoming Art in Granton exhibition and happily they got accepted! That's how we do it! Here's more about that. If you are local, please make plans to attend, the Madelvic house is a wonderful venue with a storied past. 

Let Go
Acrylic on canvas, £725
Megan Chapman 2019

The Distance
Acrylic on canvas, £725
Megan Chapman 2019

No longer a mystery
Acrylic on canvas, £1,450
Megan Chapman 2019
*Accepted on show space allowing
My statement regarding these works for the exhibition.

I live in Granton in the lower cottages across from Wardie Bay Beach. These paintings were all painted in a temporary studio space I was invited to use during the summer. A Duke of Buccleuch owned property from 1840 across from the harbour provided me a change of scenery from my usual studio in the heart of Leith.

The sturdy old walls of the stable influenced these dark works as much as the creak of the boats, the wind, rain, and waters of the bay across the road. These paintings speak of the atmosphere and memories of the past - abstracted but grounded in my surroundings, I breathe in the stories that have been lost and found.

Art in Granton - a curated exhibition on place.
Exhibition opening times:
Friday 25 October 5-8pm.
Saturday 26 October 11-6pm
Sunday 27 October 11-5pm.

Madelvic House
Granton Park Ave.

I think that's us mostly caught up. I hope to get into the studio and make some marks this week as well as film some videos. I haven't actively painted for a month now and I don't like how that feels but I also have to give myself a break with all that is going on and obviously, I am still doing art-related things. Again, I will say writing a blog and keeping track of the art things - the making, the selling, the submitting, the thinking about, the ups and downs, and the dreamings and inspirations always makes me feel better about things. This is one habit I would recommend to everyone. Thanks again for your patience and support of my work and for going on this ride with me. Until next week, keep fighting. We need you and your work. 

You can find my work at the following galleries.

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Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

And of course around the internet on all your favourite channels!

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