Friday, September 27, 2019

No longer a mystery

Cartoon by the brilliant abstract artist Ad Reinhardt
This month... where to start and do I dare? The quick story is that I haven't made any art since the week before Art Walk Porty. I was worn out from getting ready for the brilliant two-day event and then, of course, I was worn out from all the excitement and talking about the project for two days straight. It was a good kind of tired, mixed with enthusiasm and hope for the future and my work. I wrote about my books, made videos about my books, and then I crashed. 

I also had to rather abruptly switch gears to focus on my next visa application and study for my "Life in the UK" test. After a bit of a snafu last Thursday attempting to take my test here in Edinburgh, I took my test and passed on Monday in Glasgow. Such a relief! So now I am going through the final steps to get my application sent off and to hope for the best in this important step towards citizenship. It is a fraught and detailed process and is all-consuming. Sometimes art can and must wait. I am almost ready to return to my studio and my work with several ideas brewing in the background. 

In other news, I entered the RSA Annual Exhibition. I have done so at least a few times in the five years I have lived here and not once have I had my work accepted. Entering these types of things (and being rejected) is par for the course in this world. And as we all know painting is dead (again), abstract painting is especially dead, and concepts are king or so I've heardNae bother, it's only money and time. I probably should have entered my books. 

We need to create a Salon des Refus├ęs! Perhaps just an online version first and then find a venue in the future. Automatic acceptance to all who are rejected from the RSA exhibition. Did you enter? Did you get in? Congratulations! Did you not? I am sorry but let's get together and show our work anyway! Online or in person, it deserves to be seen! Message me if you would like to have work as part of an online Salon. These are the two paintings I entered and had rejected. As Bill Murray says, "It just doesn't matter."

No longer a mystery
Acrylic on canvas,  £1,450
Megan Chapman 2019

The distance
Acrylic on canvas, £725
Megan Chapman 2019

In other, other news, My studio G23 will be open this Sunday the 29th of September from 12-5pm. Come see my books in person and a few of my new paintings at my studio at the Drill Hall. Besides the amazing Makers Marque on Sunday and Open Studios, there will be tours of the Drill Hall for Doors Open DayI am looking forward to seeing you there!

Makers Marque
Sunday 29th September
12pm - 5pm 
Entry: £2/£1 concession 

Makers Marque is more than just a market for local traders and designers. It is a chance for people to get involved, learn a new skill and see the processes that usually take place behind closed studio doors. The event is a mix of local craftspeople demonstrating their skills and selling their unique products, plus artist and makers workshops, demonstrations and repair stations.

Before, I let you go, just a reminder: You can find my work at the following galleries.

Portobello, Edinburgh


Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

And of course around the internet on all your favourite channels!

And of course, at my studio G23, located at 36 Dalmeny Street Leith, Edinburgh EH6 8RG See you on Sunday from 12-5! 

Until next week, keep fighting! 

Walls too crowded, budget tight? You can still support my work. 




  1. I love your work so much that I would be happy to use a photo of one of your paintings for the cover of my next novel (LOCH NESS) to be published in France in 2020. I fear the cost is too high for me, but it costs nothing to ask you ! Thanks ! SYLVIE

    1. Hi Sylvie, Thank you so much! I have had my work used on books and CD's and am quite happy to work with you on that. Send me an email and we can have a chat about the particulars! - Thanks for asking! Megan

  2. Would love to join your Salon! Never been rejected by RSA but have been by plenty of others lol.

    1. Thanks, Elaine! Okay... We will need to get this Salon idea up and running in the new year! xx