Friday, January 3, 2020

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 

2020 is here and so are you. Thank you. What will this new year bring? I have no idea but here's what I would like.

I want a community of peers. I want to visit studios and talk shite and laugh with other painters. I want to be challenged and inspired. I want a unified voice that is supportive and even demanding. A group of artists that hold each other to a high standard without being mean bastards. I want places to show work and I want to connect with a public that understands the importance of art and is excited by abstraction in particular. I would like to get paid fairly for the work I do. I want to live in a society that values what I have dedicated my life to. I have no interest in alienating the general public or making art seem any more important than what it is. I would like to cut through the bullshit of the art world and make art more accessible so that artists can fulfill their purpose and so that the general public can let down their guard and feel the work that is created.

I want to create more community and opportunities around the studio I work in and I want to connect the dots with some of the abstract artists I have become familiar with across the UK. Let's see what happens. 

Thank you for being on this path with me. I wish you all the best in the coming year. 
- Megan 

You can find my work at the following galleries and websites.

Portobello, Edinburgh
You can catch my work in the Of Night and Light Exhibition until 1st of March 2020.

You can catch my work in the Winter Warmth Exhibition until 29th January 2020.

Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA
Ask to see my available small works and limited edition prints

You can find my small to medium works for sale online.

On all your favourite channels!

And of course, at my studio G23, located at 36 Dalmeny Street Leith, Edinburgh EH6 8RG, I will gladly open by appointment. Message me online through my contact form through my website or online shop.

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