Friday, January 10, 2020

The community I crave

So, I took my list of wants (my wee manifesto if you will), turned to the Internet and invited a few professional abstract painters to see if they would like to join me in creating a private online forum. I was pleased with the swift response. We now have a group of about 30 members. I am excited to see where the group goes and what issues we will tackle together. If the community you want is not currently available you just have to make it yourself. 

This is from a post I shared over there to get even more clear on my intent for the group.  

"When I put out the call across social media to start this group, I wasn't just wanting to talk about "how to make it as an artist or how to sell paintings." There are loads of marketing schemes and "how to's" already online. There are plenty of templates readily available and articles to read and resources at our fingertips. I am grateful for those and I am glad we can group some of those resources here for folks to easily find. I also know we need money and that artists are often exploited (or we exploit ourselves) because of this need. Exchanging information about this is vital.

However, what I really crave is the conversation about painting, about being an artist, about how we see the world and how we are received in the world. The sound it makes as the charcoal hits the paper or canvas. The way your favourite colour makes your heart sing, the way you may feel misunderstood by your family, friends or society in general. Or how you were born to be an artist, standing rooted and supported by centuries of artists behind you. Or how this calling takes us and can rewire our brains and guide us forward to new places, relationships, and communities. Yes, I need money - believe me I do. But I also want to share the passion I feel for painting, for art. I refuse to turn this into just another job or career. It is not.
I do want to come together and talk about what we are working on. What we are exploring, what we are obsessed with, where it is taking us and then our fears, doubts, and joys as we follow the work and then of course what to do with it all..."

So dear reader, if you are an artist reading this blog, I encourage you to comment on it and share something going on in your personal art world. We are always stronger together. We can learn and grow from each other. Yes, we need isolation to make our work but we don't have to stay isolated and we don't need to create in a vacuum. In the coming year creating the community I crave is going to be my priority (along with continuing to figure how to support myself as a painter). I am grateful to all of my blog readers, patrons, gallery owners, family, friends, and others who have supported my work and my life as a painter over the years. You have given me so much to think about and explore and your support has bought me this precious time. Thank you.


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