Friday, April 17, 2020

Work, Space, Words, Breathe

The ease of being seen
mixed media, A3 size/11.7x16.5”
150gm smooth cartridge paper

To be made uncomfortable (you’re so dynamic)
mixed media, A3 size/11.7x16.5”
150gm smooth cartridge paper
Tuesday Studio Video Visit:

I was asked to share my thoughts about a couple of the paintings in the current exhibition at Irving Gallery and how the series came about and developed. I recorded a short podcast about this and I hope you will find it interesting. I suggest visiting the Irving gallery's website to look at my work while you listen. Thank you!

Listen to "Megan Chapman’s Favourite Mistakes | Irving Gallery Oxford" on Spreaker.

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Building a community around art is an essential and joyful part of my process. Every £3 donation helps to support my ongoing practice as an artist and enables me to share my passion with you. Your donations keep me working. Thank you. Until next week, stay well and safe. The world needs you.


  1. I enjoyed listening to your podcast and it was interesting on hearing about your frustration and how it resulted in these interesting paintings.

    1. Thank you, Marion. I am glad you enjoyed listening to the podcast, I hadn't done one in ages and it was good to recount the story of these particular painting. It is interesting where inspiration comes from even if from frustration. Thanks again for stopping by here and for your kind comment.