Friday, April 3, 2020

We make our mark in isolation

"It might be time to reclaim it all for ourselves and back away from the capitalist contagion that soils our craft."

I wrote this in a chat message on Instagram to another painter. I added the laugh until crying emoji, the two enthusiastic hands emoji, and the fire emoji to show that I am not taking myself too seriously, but yet let's preach it and set it all on fire.

Why do artists continue to play in this capitalist system when it has never worked very well for us? To validate our work? To reach the masses? To become successful? Because we were told this is what is done? 

My ideas of success are pretty different from the capitalist ideal. My ideas about worth and value are too. I don't know the answer currently but I am thinking a hell of a lot about it. 

As always I am thankful for my friends, family, galleries, designers, and patrons that keep me working and supported. Thank you. 

Stay well. Stay in. Wash your hands and stay free. 

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